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  1. The profile of the network administrator

    It has been more than eight years since the figure of the Network Controller emerged on the market. A computer professional who is responsible for making all the changes, access to programs and access to printing that users require, as well as the maintenance and tuning, optimization and expansion of the PC network that the company has.

    The responsibility of the administrator must be carried out by a professional integrated in the user company of the network, working with the constant ...
  2. 5 best Technology Jobs of 2018

    Web Developer

    Based on the specifications drafted by the project manager according to the wishes of the client, the web developer analyzes the needs, chooses the most appropriate technical solution and develops the functionalities of the website or the web application. For this last step, he writes lines of code.

    The web developer can also provide solutions to problems present in a site already online and detected by the client or by the Internet. In this case, the ...